Making your business succeed and preserving wealth are primary goals of our firm. Aside from strategic counseling, some of our successes have led to refunds and/or recoveries for our clients. Concentric has saved and recovered an average of $1.2 million for our clients. The chart below is just a small example of these recoveries and the financial opportunity Concentric has to offer your business.

Our allegiance is to our clients, and because of this their privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we have withheld details and kept our clients anonymous.

Engineering Firm Energy Credits $967,000
Architect Energy Credits $830,000
Apartment Owner Cost Segregation $210,000
Apartment Owner Energy Credits $25,000
Movie Studio Executive Insurance Review $350,000
Automotive Dealership Cost Segregation $500,000
Automotive Dealership Consulting $5,500,000